Marketing project


From brand building to product development and launch, to a customer communication programme, you need a competent project manager to lead, manage, and evaluate the projects.  Good marketing project management requires multiple talents and skill sets, and the capability to think from both the business and customer perspectives.

As marketing professionals, we consider the overall strategy and implementation details as equally important.  When we exercise creativity, we also do it in a practical manner.  As your project manager, Marketoday will ensure that the project stays within the scope defined and the target is achieved within the budget and time stipulated. 

Brand ManagementProduct / Service LaunchCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)Customer Communication

No matter which business you are in and whether you are thinking of boosting your sales or the brand awareness, Marketoday is there to help you formulate and execute an effective promotion plan to achieve your objectives. Our goal is to help you optimise the result within the time and budget given. 

Based on your business nature, customer segments and promotion targets, we will identify the right channels, design messages with real impact, deliver them to your target customers, and bring in the desired response.

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