our value proposition

our mission


- Increase market share and revenue

- Expand customer base
​- Enhance customer loyalty
- Build brand awareness
- Outperform competitors

​From strategic marketing planning, project management to daily marketing support, we have a reputation among our clients for achieving optimal results through adopting a speedy and cost-effective approach.

Marketoday is the marketing consultant and marketing manager of our SME clients. We have been providing marketing advices and services to our clients from different industries since 2007.

We focus to derive and execute strategic marketing plan, drive business growth and improve sales performance of our clients’ businesses.  We are flexible in terms of project scope, marketing budget, service fee and working timeframe.

Targeted marketing - Delivering clear and targeted messages directed at your customer segments.

Win-win relationship - Bringing benefits to both your business and your customers. 

Integrity and trust - Acting only in the best interests of our clients.

Result oriented - Maximising your ROI through scientific measurement & optimisation.