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Public Relations

No matter which business you are in and whether you are thinking of boosting your sales or the brand awareness, Marketoday is there to help you formulate and execute an effective marketing plan to achieve your objectives. Our aim is to bring the business performance of our clients to a whole new level.

Based on your business nature, customer segments and promotion targets, we derive customer experience strategy, identify the right mix of marketing channels, develop and implement powerful campaign and compelling content in order to draw more engaged and qualified customers and achieve the desired result. 

Product Development

By outsourcing your marketing department to us, you can save on the fixed employment cost of maintaining a marketing team and minimise your time in managing marketing. Leveraging on our comprehensive marketing expertise and experience, we have been helping companies like yours to grow their business through marketing efforts.

Not only do we provide marketing advice to your business, we work with your team hand-in-hand on daily sales and marketing issues. 

​​​Digital Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

WeChat Marketing

Search Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Branding Management

Mobile App 

Omni-Channel Marketing

Responsive Website


Product and Service Launch

Content Marketing

Marketoday, equipped with multiple talents, skill sets and capability to think as business owners, employees and customers, is your competent and reliable project manager to lead, manage, and implement marketing projects.​

Email Marketing

Offline Promotion


​helps you realise your ambition for success

​​​​​​Marketoday is the marketing solution for Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong and China. We have been helping SMEs from many different industries to grow their business since 2007. We offer marketing strategy, insightful marketing advice and wide range of marketing services including digital marketing, online marketing, web development, eCommerce, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile app marketing, CRM, SEM, offline marketing and many more.

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We focus to derive and execute strategic marketing plan, drive business growth and improve sales performance of our clients’ businesses.  We are flexible in terms of project scope, marketing budget, service fee and working timeframe.

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